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3D Printing in Automotive

Rapid Design Iteration, Spare Parts, Swift Production



Leveraging on 3D Printing technology, engineers we can quickly create functional prototypes of various designs.

These prototypes can then be tested for various structural, functional and material properties. Based on the results, modifications to the designs can be made.

3D printing has significantly reduced time to create prototypes of automotive parts, enabling rapid iterative design process.



Stocking right amount of spares has become a major cost component for manufacturers.  And, life cycle of automotive parts is shortened as a result of shorter time-to-market strategy.

With 3D printing, automotive parts manufacturers can maintain a digital repository of all spare parts and print them as and when required.

Manufacturers can now offer products support for a longer period of time thus increase product life cycle.




Increasing use of 3D printing solutions in automotive parts is taking place to expedite production lead time for complex parts and parts that are required in niche quantities.

Time and cost saved from tooling is another significant advantage for manufacturers and some of them have started to 3D print parts such as chassis directly.


High Performance Functional Material 3D Printer

Constant-temperature chamber

Chamber temperature over 70°C

High Temperature All Metal Nozzle

All metal hotend that can go upto temperature of 400°C

Functional Material Capability

Able to print PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), PC and many more